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Max the Tomcat

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Max the Tomcat

Bird, mouse and chipmunk are trying to reach their homes in the tree. Max the tomcat is hungry and will try to catch them! Together, the players take care of the little creaturs.

Max the Tomcat is an exciting strategy game for children of all ages. They discuss with each other: Which animal should be brougth home first? When will Max get a treat? And how do you feel when Max gets to pinch one of the little creaturs?

Ages: 4+
Duration: 15 min
Players: 1-8
English rules included

Game overview
The players co-operatively care for three little
creatures. The creatures try to reach their homes,
located near the tree. But tomcat Max is hungry and
will try to catch them! Fortunately, Max can be lured
back to the house with a tasty cat treat. In this way,
the players can give the little creatures a lead.

Co-operative game
Max the Tomcat is a perfect game to play with the whole family. Brothers,
sisters and parents will all have fun in helping the youngest family members.
Even 3-year-olds can play along in this way!
This is a game without competition between the players. In co-operative
games, the players have a common goal. During play, you will find out together
how to win the game. The game develops skills like working together, logic
thinking and emotional management

The author
The Canadian games author Jim Deacove has had
more than 40 years of experience with co-op games.
He wants to create games in which the players
have fun and he noticed that playing together
brings more enjoyment than playing against
each other. By now, he designed more than 100
co-operative games. His best games are published
in Europe by Sunny Games

Starting spot for Max the Tomcat
2 Special dice
Mouse’s burrow
The small animals start
at the tree stump
2 Discs with the safe spots
for Bird and Squirrel
4 Cat treats: milk, cat chow,
tinned meat and catmint

NL – Max de Kat

ENG- Max the Tomcat

DE – Max der Kater

FR – Max le Chat

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