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Summer at the South Pole! Two young penguins and two young seals have their home on an ice floe that is melting down. They have to swim further and further to reach the fish shoals. On top of that, hunters are trying to shoot the seals and penguins.

The players make sure the four animals can grow up safely. They can deploy patrol vessels and helicopters to protect the animals against the hunters. When all animals are fully grown, the players win the game!

Antarctica is a dynamic strategy game in which all players have their own task. Together, they keep a close watch on the movement of the fish and the hunters. The level of play can be varied.

CONTENTS: Game board, 18 ice tiles, 6 boats, 3 helicopters, 8 fish cards, 3 krill cards, 16 cards with seals and penguins, 5 task cards, game rules.

Antarctica Game overview

Dive into the life of two young seals and two young penguins
living at the South Pole. Together with your fellow players you
make sure that all four of them can grow up to adults. There are
two challenges. The ice floe on which the penguins and seals live is
melting and some hunters are circling around, trying to shoot the
The seals and penguins eat fish and krill shrimps. Each time they
have eaten, they grow so that they can move further. But since the
ice floe is getting smaller, they have to swim further and further to
reach the fish shoals in the deep water.
The major risk for the animals is caused by the three hunters. Their
boats move along the edge of the ice floe and dock at the coves
to shoot the animals. With the melting of the ice, the hunters are
getting closer to the centre of the ice floe. With patrol vessels and
helicopters, you can keep a close watch on the hunters so that they
cannot shoot. It is also possible to arrest one or two hunters.


Game board, 18 ice tiles (6 with and 12 without cracks), 3 red boats
(the hunters), 3 krill cards with a hole for the patrol vessel, 3 yellow
patrol vessels, 3 helicopters, 8 oval fish cards, 16 circular cards with
seals and penguins, 5 task cards, 1 spare ice tile, 5 other spare cards.

Aim of the game

Together you take care that the four animals can safely eat. As soon
as all animals have grown up, you win! When a penguin or seal gets
shot, the game stops and you have lost. You also lose when you
need to melt an ice tile with an animal on it.

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