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Little Bear

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Little Bear

Oh no! Little Bear is lost on the mountain. Mama bear is eager to find her little cub. With our help, she finds her way through the forest. Once she has hugged her little runaway, then both bears still need to get home. Well, we know the way now!

Little Bear is a challenging pathfinding game for the whole family. Players discuss their options on how to continue the path. It is possible to overcome some obstacles, but then we will have less time in the second part of the game. Will both bears get home before it gets too dark?

The game includes a simple version for younger children, as well as two ways to make the game more challenging

Ages:    5+
Players:               2 - 5
Playing time:     20 min
Author: Hajo Bücken

Oh no, Little Bear got lost!
Mama bear warned him not to go into the
mountains, but little bear did not listen. Now he is
lost, but he has found a hiding spot where he can
wait safely for his mother. You help mama bear to
fi nd a way through the woods and the mountains.
On your way, you will have many encounters and
the evening will turn into night. Will you succeed in
fi nding little bear and leaving the forest before it gets
too dark?

For the youngest players
Young players can make the game easier by playing in the
small forest. Remove all the cards with a mushroom on it
from the game. Instead of 4 rows of forest tiles, you play
with 3 rows.
People & Planet
Sunny Games creates games that help people
conscious choices. Our mission is to enhance
conscious collaborative decision making. We love to
contribute to a society in which people help each other and take
care of the planet. We enjoy embedding these values in everything
we do.

Our games are produced with high social and environmental
standards and we are always raising them as new options
emerge. Our design process aims at selecting materials with low
environmental impact and using resources e ciently. [Kleine Beer]
This particular game is using paper and recycled cardboard, PE
(shrinkwrap and gripseal) and European softwood.
We are a playful member of COMMON, a global community
based network of social enterprises.
For more information, please visit our website

NL – Kleine Beer

ENG- Little Bear

DE – kleiner Bär

FR – Petit Ours

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€ 29,95
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